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YankeeKicks started with a passion of collecting and searching for the rarest and hardest sneakers to obtain in the world. His passion for sneakers quickly grew as well as his fan base. With that being said Yankeekicks.com was born. This website was created to provide the sneaker world news on upcoming releases but also sneakers from the personal collection. The site has quickly picked up steam as more and more individuals across the world are starting to visit our website. We are delivering news on all social media platforms from Instagram to Facebook. We are becoming more interactive with our readers and visitors whether it’s on IG or through fun giveaways. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media pages for the latest news, articles, and giveaways!

Our philosophy

We at Yankeekicks care about sneakers. We provide articles reporting on release dates, exclusive features, unboxings and news dedicated to the rising trends found in sneaker culture. We are quickly becoming the go to for detailed on-foot images and exclusive sneak peeks. Additionally, we aim to educate and inform sneaker fans and collectors alike, helping visitors understand quality and craftsmanship with regards to fraudulent merchandise on the market. With the addition of the Yankeekicks Store, we can provide must-have footwear and accessories, apparel, collectors storage and cleaning kits, as well as exclusive finds you can’t get anywhere else.

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Jordan Brand 2020 Spring Summer Releases

Our story

Yaniv Bar began collecting sneakers in 2017. From there he began posting his on foot photos Instagram. Now just three years later, Yankeekicks has amassed over 145 thousand followers, been featured in numerous sneaker news articles and created his own blog, Youtube channel and store all with the goal to help the sneakerhead community at large. We thank you for your continued support and hope to bring great content to the sneaker world for years to come.