22 May 2023
2 minute read

In the episode “Daddy Yankee Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at YankeeKicks,” Daddy Yankee joins host Joe La Puma in Miami for an exciting sneaker shopping experience. The duo visits YankeeKicks, a renowned sneaker store, where they delve into various fascinating topics. One of the highlights is the discussion about the Puerto Rico Air Force 1s, where Daddy Yankee shares his admiration for the sneakers and their cultural significance. They also delve into Daddy Yankee’s historic partnership with Reebok, shedding light on the details of the collaboration and the inspiration behind their designs.

Daddy Yankee Complex

The episode follows Daddy Yankee as he explores the store’s extensive inventory of sneakers and engages in insightful conversations with Joe La Puma, the host of Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” series. Additionally, the conversation touches upon J Balvin’s Air Jordans, exploring the growing trend of musicians collaborating with sneaker brands. Daddy Yankee and Joe La Puma discuss the impact of these collaborations on the sneaker industry and the intersection of music and sneaker culture.

Daddy Yankee Complex

Together, they delve into Daddy Yankee’s personal sneaker preferences, discuss his influences in sneaker culture, and uncover some of his favorite sneaker designs.

Daddy Yankee Complex  We greatly appreciate Complex Sneakers and Daddy Yankee for their visit to YankeeKicks, as their collaboration provided us with an extraordinary opportunity to showcase our unique sneaker store and share our passion for sneaker culture.

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