19 Nov 2019

A new LV Trainer from Virgil Abloh releasing in New York and Chicago may be the most elaborate sneaker you’ve never worn.

Legendary 1854 French fashion house Louis Vuitton is an international staple for luxury products. Since shortened to simply LV, they’ve had Artistic Director Virgil Abloh lead their newest innovative designs. LV Trainer Global Series is no exception.

This collection of 9 sneakers represent Seoul, New York, Chicago, Dubai, London, Milan, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, respectively. Consequently, releases will be date specific and limited to the titled city. Today we take a look at the two U.S. based colorways.
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Get into the look…

The LV 408 blends high end luxury materials while borrowing heavily from heritage hoop silhouettes. 106 components comprise each shoe handcrafted in just 6 hours by Louis Vuitton’s seasoned cobblers. 20 pieces are on the sole alone. Grey/Black/White palette is identical to the OG colorway.

Each of the 9 cities chooses a color of the rainbow for its laces, luggage tag and insole. A large 408 logo can be found on the high top collar. The NY pair has chosen a Yankee’s inspired Dark Navy Blue. Alternatively, the Chicago pair takes on a Bear’s Orange. The number 408 references the 4th of August; the designer’s birth date in 1892.

Both pairs have laces and a harness that hold the monogrammed LV luggage tag on the collar strap. Silky calf skinned leather upper and rubber outsole with micro inserts comprise the sneaker. Monogram flowers on the heel of the outsole and VUITTON printed under the shoe are unmistakable. Padded collar and velcro strap marked “Advanced Tech System.” The gold foiled Louis Vuitton stamped along the midsole is written by Virgil Abloh’s own hand.

Where to find…

Before, we mentioned that the releases would be specific to the cities the shows are dedicated to. The NY colorway will arrive November 25th, just before Thanksgiving. Likewise the Chicago pair will release December 4th. The prices and locations for these chic, one of a kind sneakers has not yet been announce. However, high fashion collectors can expect to pay an upward of $1,200. Be sure to keep it locked here for the latest sneaker news updates. Want more high fashion looks? Click below for our coverage on Prada x Adidas collaboration.

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