04 Feb 2020

Real recognize real and a copied sneaker is a quick way to lose clout. So don’t get caught with a fake. Learn to tell the difference with the Nike Air Force 1 Low x Travis Scott “Cactus Jack.”

Real Vs Fake
Real Vs Fake

Seasoned sneaker collectors know how to spot a real shoe from a fake. Despite what novices might think, it’s not always as obvious exposed glue or drastic color differences. The feel, smell and quality of the materials are what can make or break authenticity. Test your sneaker game with our Real Vs Fake: Air Force 1 Low x Travis Scott “Cactus Jack” edition.

Seems like Cactus Jack truly flexed his muscles with this one. Released November 2019 and retailing for $160, these kicks were so anticipated many raffles sold out within minutes. Even now, the resale value has nearly quadrupled.

What you should know…

La Flame called on designer Bruce Kilgore to bring us a uniquely constructed AF 1 Low silhouette. Byzantium Purple, Cadet Grey, Sage Green, and Ochre Yellow panels are somehow at home amongst the multiple fabrics. Soft wool, premium corduroy, fuzzy suede, smooth canvas, and supple leather bring together a one-of-a-kind bricolage statement.

Mint Green single stitching surrounds the Cream colored sail midsole. A Plaid checkerboard tongue steals away beneath the Navy canvas and Black corduroy patchwork-style zippered lace shroud. Hence the intricate and distinct lacing system not seen in Scott’s previous designs.

Chocolate Brown, Grey and White tree-like script covers the medial and lateral sides respectively. Cyrillic script repeating the iconic Кактус Джек Records show through in Puce Brown and Off-White. The script literally translates to “Cactus Jack” in Russian.

In addition, a pair of Cream and Black laces are included making for a total of 3 separate looks to choose from; with or without the removable lacing shroud. Across the heel of each sneaker rests a buckle held by a luxe gold clasp.

“TX” is etched onto the right pin representing his home state of Texas and “MC” on the left representing Missouri City, where he moved to live with his parents after being raised by his grandmother in Houston. Tan Brown and Army camouflage cover Nike’s signature Swoosh on both sides.

With all that, it sounds like this would be a hard Air Force 1 Low to copy. Well, it doesn’t stop people from trying. So here’s some things to look out for when detecting a real vs fake “Cactus Jack” AF 1 Low.

Round 1 …

Obviously, with its wide mix of materials and patterns, there’s a lot to break down in a real vs fake. However, Travis Scott’s attention to detail is exactly how you can tell a real Cactus Jack from fake one. The devil is definitely in the details on this Air Force 1 Low.
1. Not only is the color off on the heel counter, but the quality of the suede appears off on the copied sneaker.
2. The “MC” for Missouri City is tilted up and using a slightly different font on the fake. Moreover, the buckle itself gives off a faded appearance.

3. The person who made the fake thought they were just copying some grey colored camo. But what looks like bark is actually a tree like font that spells out Cactus Jack. Hence why the fake has such bold camouflage patterns on medial heel panel.
4. The Tan Brown clasps itself is 21MM on the real heel and 18MM on the fake pair. This allows it to rest squarely in the middle of the rear of the real versus the elevated space in the faux.

5. Next, the signature stars embossed in the rubber outsole are skinnier on the knock offs. They focused more on neatly aligning the stars instead of the size they’re meant to be.
6. Finally, the spacing on the white midsole for the Air logo is 3MM on the real and 2MM on the fakes. It might seem minuscule, but a millimeter can make or break a patent.

Round 2…

Real Vs Fake Travis Scott

1. The Cyrillic Кактус Джек Records script on the replica sneaker went much bolder than the legit Air Force 1 Low Cactus Jack.
2. Again, the claps on the heel comes off noticeably smaller on the fake pair. Especially with the Yellow underlay behind it.
3. Medial quart panel proportions uses weaker quality materials making the fabricated pair seem rushed and changing the design’s shape.

4. The Nike Swoosh on the quarter panels use a less concentrated camouflage print on the real sneaker. Additionally, the fake’s print is darker and clustered together.
5. Last but not least, the ridges on the gum rubber outsole leading to the star patterns on the toe and heel are improperly spaced, creating a different feel in traction.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Could you spot all the differences? Do you think you could tell a real from a fake Air Force 1 Low x Travis Scott “Cactus Jack” moving forward? If so, let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned for the next Real Vs Fake and more sneak peeks, reviews and releases of the hottest kicks.

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