03 Feb 2020

How good is your sneaker game? Can you tell a real from a fake? Test your knowledge with Real Vs Fake Air Force 1 x CLOT “Game Royal.”

CLOT Game Royal

Here’s a tricky Real Vs Fake: Nike Air Force 1 Low CLOT “Game Royal.” The Blue silk upper plays off the balance and duality of Yin and Yang. Moreover, the upper tears, peels or even burns away, revealing a secondary pale Grey/Golden Brown colorway underneath. Intricately embroidered Chinese vector patterns cover all but the tonal Blue Nike Swooshes. With that being said, how can you tell the real from the fake?

Round 1…

Real Vs Fake

1. Look closely and you’ll see the slight variations in the overall silhouette from legit shoe to the fake.

CLOT Game Royal

2. Spacing in the collar and sock liner give more flex to the ankle. The copy has a smaller collar space.
3. The design work on the vamp doesn’t line up in the faux version. One the real shoe, the design is center.
4. The stars seen on the actual toe box and heel are plump and evenly spaced. Looking at the imposter the stars are not as big and the spacing is off.

Round 2…

Air Force 1 Low

1. Check out those perforation on the tongue liner. The legit pair has large evenly spaced ones while the fake’s are smaller.
2. Trademark logos are a big deal for brands. The size and spacing of the font on the actual sneaker is bolder and closer together than the knockoff.
3. Precision stitching is present on the real kick versus the thicker imperfect threading on the imitation.

Real Vs Fake Air Force 1 Low

4. The outsole for the true AF 1 is condensed and a lighter shade than the copy.
5. More stitch differences show up on the Nike Swoosh. The thread used on the faux shoe is generally thicker than what Nike actually uses.

Could you tell them apart? Or, were you fooled by the fake? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Until next time, be on the lookout for another Real Vs Fake.

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