05 Feb 2020

Recognize the craftsmanship of an iconic designer with Real Vs Fake: Off-White x Nike Dunk Low “University Red”.

Have you ever missed the opportunity to cop a legendary pair of sneakers? Then, out of nowhere you find a connect that is willing to get them for you, but for quite a bit more than what they retailed. You see online that the resale value is soaring and decide it’s worth the extra fee. Money is sent, the shoes show up and…something seems off. You can’t be sure though because you don’t know the tells. Don’t get caught copping a copy. Test your skills with Real Vs Fake: Off-White x Nike Dunk Low University Red.

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low University Red

What you should know…

American fashion designer and Louis Vuitton artistic director Virgil Abloh established his Milan-based label and fashion house Off-White in 2013. The entrepreneur, artist and DJ has since made his mark in the sneaker world.

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low University Red

When Nike originally unveiled the Dunk as the centerpiece of their Nike College Color’s program in 1985, seven different colleges were represented in the first colorways offered dubbing their representing colors “University.” Released in December 2019 and retailing for $170 per sneaker, the Off-White Nike Dunk Low Collection, Abloh pays homage to skate culture’s adoption of 1980’s Nike Basketball silhouettes featuring 3 colorways: University Red, Pine Green and University Gold.

A tag of authentication sits proudly on the inner tongue tag on top of liner. Outsoles will match its dominant color of University Red. Additionally, the sneaker flaunts a dual lacing system. A secondary set of eyelets are found on the mid-quarter panels, giving the wearer the choice of wrapping the laces around the heel or beneath the Nike trademark check tongue tag.

Similarly eyelets are also seen on either side of the collar, mudguard and overlapping the toe box ending over the mudguard. The secondary set of laces pop in vibrant Red and will also read “Shoelaces” like the main colorway coated pair.

Round 1…

Real Vs Fake Off-White x Nike Dunk Low University Red

1. At first glance, sneaker novices may not notice the difference in the real Dunk Low glossy patent leather finish. The fraud University Red’s finish is matted.

2. Heading down to the Grey toe box, the perforated holes on the legit Off-White have a slanted oval appearance. While the bogus sneaker’s perforations are stretched circles.
3. The tongue liner may seem unfinished on the real Off-White, however this exposed foam is an easy way to know it’s real as this is what Virgil Abloh intended. The fake has closed stitching.
4. Finally, debossed knitting appears on the original’s inner stitch, making it stand out against the secondary one beneath it. The imitation has no such difference in stitching from one to the other.

Round 2…

Real Vs Fake Off-White x Nike Dunk Low University Red

1. Stitching found on the real deconstructed tongue is done systematically (neatly) vs the fake model that has little effort.
2. On the Grey heel stabilizer, stitching on the real model is straight compared to the fake that follows a more exaggerated curve.

Real Vs Fake

3. The font on the real is slightly faded while on the fake is in a dark bold
4. The collar lining on the fake is puffed up vs the real where this detail is not exaggerated

So how did you do? Is it easy or harder depending on the sneaker model or designer? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more sneak peeksreviewsreleases and the next installment of Real Vs Fake.

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