06 Feb 2020

We can tell a real from a fake. Can you? Put your sneaker knowledge to the test with the upcoming Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 “Dark Mocha.”

Real Vs Fake helps sneaker novices and veterans alike better understand shoe quality, construction and authenticity. Moreover, it’s a fun way to keep collectors from spending real money on fake shoes. Time to test your skills with the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 “Dark Mocha.”

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 "Dark Mocha"

What you should know…

Rapper, producer and fashion influencer Travis Scott dropped his Air Jordan 1 Retro High Mocha in May of 2019. Travis updated Peter Moore’s design with White leather underlays, Black and University Red accents and an enlarged Black tumble leather Swoosh on the lateral quarter panel. It’s so large in fact, it gets cut off at the base where it meets the Sail midsole. Cactus Jack’s crudely drawn face smiles in Black thread on the heel. Travis Scott’s AJ 1 retailed for $175. And now, nearly a year later, the resale value is hundreds of dollars more.

Real Vs Fake Round 1…

  1. SnkrsDen fans know to look at that silhouette first. Particularly with a high-top model the shape of the major parts of the sneaker, like the collar of the toe box, are all meant to hug and support the foot, not just look good. The fake just doesn’t cut it.
Real Vs Fake
  1. Your brand is everything. No way Nike Air sells a AJ 1 with an uneven logo on the tongue tab. That goes for both the placement and the font type.
  2. The way the thread is stitched on the tongue and throat on the imitation Travis Scott colorway punctures the material. This creates unwanted perforations.
  3. The throat itself is made from high quality synthetic materials. However, the fake is not as detailed as the real one.
  4. The real toe box takes on a more precise shape thanks to the even mudguard panels. Meanwhile, the knock-off overextends towards the throat and the tip of the toe.
  5. In a rush to complete construction of the fake, the replica maker used lesser quality materials. Nike’s quality control would catch things like stains or marks left during the crafting process.

Round 2…

Real Vs Fake
  1. Travis Scott has hidden reflective Cactus Jack branding to the White tumble leather medial quarter panel under the Black Swoosh. While barely visible on the real AJ 1, the fake’s stands out in a Neon White thread.
  2. Stitching on the legit Jordan doesn’t overlap on its Dark Mocha panels. Meanwhile, the fraud does.
  3. The aged-White midsole overpowers the knock-off Travis Scott by a few millimeters on both ends pushing up into the quarter panel and down into the Black rubber outsole. The authentic midsole is even throughout.
  4. Air Jordan 1 stitching leaves evenly distributed perforations on the White tumble leather quarter panel. Not so much on copy. It has noticeably smaller stitching.
Real Vs Fake
  1. Debossed Black Air Jordan Wings found on the Dark Mocha collar stabilizer are given a glossy patent finish, prominently displaying the TM at the end. However, the phony doesn’t go the extra mile where trademarks are concerned.
  2. Moving over to the lateral quarter panel, we find more stitching discrepancies. This time, with the spacing on the faux being father a part than on the authentic Jordan.
  3. Previously mentioned spaced-out stitch work is found on the forefoot stabilizer of the fake as well.

Round 3…

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 "Dark Mocha"
  1. As mentioned in the pervious round, La Flame added UV detailing to the AJ 1. While the fake does have UV capabilities, they don’t compete with the real pair. For example, Crisp, clean lines on the Red Nike Air tongue tab stand out against the UV White. Not only does the fake font bleed over, the entire tab appears faded under UV light.
  2. UV light also seems to expose a lot of the mistakes of the fake. Like the White stitching underneath the tongue.
  3. Or the double-knit stitch connecting the throat verses the single stitch on the legit Cactus Jack.
  4. Travis Scott even made sure the overlays got some UV love, shinning down the throat and vamp on the authentic AJ 1. Looking over at the knock-off, it’s visibly not as bright.
Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 "Dark Mocha"
  1. This is a call back to the Cactus Jack branding from the previous round. Even under the UV light, the real sneaker takes a subtle approach to the logo. The bold effect on the copy shows splotchy ink work.
  2. Finally, stitching on the quarter panel becomes over exposed on the fabricated Jordan, while remaining the same on the actual one.

So what did you notice first? Did the UV light help? Let us know in the comments down below and stay tuned for the next Real Vs Fake. And check out our coverage of sneak peeks, reviews and releases on all the hottest kicks.

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