Tom Sachs x NikeCraft LE Mars Yard 3.0 take us back to Space by Summer 2020
NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe 2.0 Tom Sachs Space Camp


Ready to head back to Mars?

In 2009, as a contributor to the STAGES exhibition, Sachs took on his first formal collaboration with Nike Brand in an effort to aid cancer research. In 2012, the brand teamed up again with Sachs on Space Camp 2.0: Mars, an exhibition exploring the physical and fitness demands of space travel on the human body. Just six years later, the NikeCraft Mars Yard shoe will launch (pun-intended) the 3.0 form with a material upgrade inspired by Sachs’ desire to explore the unknown.

“I have always embraced flaws. The natural polyurethane midsole shows wear. The shoe shows evidence of experiences, even the little bits of tongue that may flake off are like forensic bread crumbs.”

Tom sachs

Get into the look….

It is rumored that the upgraded MY 3.0 will have new materials used. However we can take a look at what can be expected otherwise. The tread has been inverted like its predecessor for more appropriate wear on the go no matter where you are. Mesh underlays complimented by a mesh tongue and Sachs’ signature extended tongue tag to match the heel.

The mesh sockliner is encapsulates our understanding of our solar system and the molecular structure of plutonium. While the cork sockliner gives us the alchemic makeup of a human being, the universe and structure of gold. Both versions also feature knot-tying instructions.

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Get this. The release for the Mars Yard 3.0 will only have a limited 8,000 pairs retailing at $200. Want to know where you can find these stellar shoes? You’ll have to keep it locked here for updates on these and the latest in sneaker news. Looking for more innovative footwear? Check out our coverage on the Travis Scott x Air Force 1 Cactus Jack below.